Benefits of Spouted Grain Bread


Sprouted grain varieties of bread are some of the most nutritious and tasty bread loaves on the shelf. If you haven't tried a slice of flourless sprouted grain bread, it is well worth your effort. And just in case you are wondering what is meant by flourless or sprouted grain bread, here is an explanation.

Flourless bread is made with grains and legumes that are sprouted before grinding into flour. Sprouted grains have increased vitamin and nutrient content because the seed is first sprouted, making it alive and active in its growth process.

Some of these sprouted grain breads take on a very sweet taste because sprouting changes some starches in grains to sugars. In addition, the bread is moist and is made without yeast. The bread can also be made with no or low salt, and it is sometimes flavored with raisin and cinnamon to make the bread almost dessert-like.

Sprouted grain breads incorporate ingredients in the most unrefined stage possible. This is why these sprouted grain breads are often referred to as live food. They do not contain highly processed flours. Nutrients have not been stripped from the grain and then added back into the product later on.

Although not always sold under refrigeration, sprouted grain breads should be refrigerated or frozen until use. Since they are made without preservatives, they have a shorter shelf life. Also, when toasted, the bread may need to be toasted at a lower setting because the bread contain less fat content and has a tendency to burn more quickly.

Sprouted grain breads are very healthy. For the most part, sprouted grain breads use organic ingredients and are grown without pesticides and herbicides. They have a low glycemic index of about 45 and are low in saturated fat.

The sprouted grains used most often for these flourless breads include wheat, millet, and spelt. Some flourless bread varieties also use sprouted lentils and sprouted soybeans, making the bread a complete protein. Ezekiel bread is one that incorporates legumes and also uses a special baking process to preserve even more of the valuable nutrients.

Sprouted grain bread comes in more than just loaf shapes. You can also find sprouted grain dinner rolls, bagels, tortillas and cereals. Usually the flourless bread and cereal products are more costly than more highly
processed breads, and they are sold in health food stores. But if you look, you can sometimes find varieties of sprouted grain bread in larger chain grocery stores in the health food section.

If you are interested in the health benefits of flourless bread - benefits such as low glycemic, low saturated fat, high fiber, and living grains, consider giving nutritious sprouted grain bread a try.

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